BioSkin Gladiator™ Knee Brace

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The BioSkin Gladiator™ knee brace is designed to protect the ligaments of the knee and provide extra stability to the joint. A great option for a postoperative knee brace.

A long, durable, 15-inch hinge limits painful motion and supports the knee. The hinge has range-of-motion control so you can limit joint motion to a specific degree of flexion and/or extension.  The top and bottom of the hinge can be bent to fit the specific contour of your leg for customisable comfort. The top and bottom straps help provide extra stabilisation. Breathable, hypoallergenic materials provide medical-grade compression to enhance recovery and reduce inflammation.

There is a choice of material, for high-compression choose Ultima, for comfortable everyday use choose Stratus.

Ultima material is ultra thin and lightweight providing the highest level of compression. The Stratus material provides compression and support with extraordinary comfort. Allowing heat and moisture vapor to pass through  for temperature control and breathability.

Pull-On: Available in Ultra and Stratus material and made from a highly compressive lycra-based fabric to maximise pain relief, control swelling and enhance proprioception. A silicone gel pad circles round the knee cap / Patella to provide passive massive and swelling control.

Wraparound: The entire front panel is hook and loop compatible, making it easy to achieve a perfect fit on virtually any leg. A great option for patients with limited flexibility or hand strength.

Indications for use of Gladiator™

»  ACL Tear
»  Meniscus Tear
»  Ligament Support
»  Post-Op Knee Stability
»  Osteoarthritis (Wraparound design)

Features and benefits of Gladiator™

»  15″ rigid support limits painful motion and supports the knee
»  Range of motion (ROM) hinge
»  Stabilisation straps
»  Enhanced clinically validated pain relief with high patient satisfaction
»  Latex free material


Gladiator Sell Sheet


Gladiator Sell Sheet


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BioSkin Gladiator™ Knee Brace Sizes

Pull On - Circ with knee fully extended
Size Mid-patella (mm) 180mm above (mm) Stratus Code Ultima Code
X-Small 310 - 330 410 - 460 61360O 41340O
Small 330 - 360 460 - 510 61361O 41341O
Medium 360 - 410 510 - 560 61362O 41342O
Large 410 - 430 560 - 640 61363O 41343O
X-Large 430 - 460 640 - 710 61364O 41344O
XX-Large 460 - 500 710 - 800 61365O 41345O