BioSkin Hinged Knee Sleeve™

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The BioSkin Hinged Knee Sleeve™ is a knee brace designed to provide compression and support to the knee joint.

The bi-centric, aluminium hinges make it one of the lightest hinged knee braces on the market. The hinges provide support to the joint so you can feel more confident during any activity.

Designed with a foam ring around the kneecap to reduce swelling and help the patella track correctly.

The hinged Knee Sleeve is constructed in BioSkin’s unique proprietary hypoallergenic, compressive material that provides comfortable support.

The Hinged Knee Sleeve ™ is available as a Wraparound or Pull On brace. The Wraparound brace is made form BioSkins proprietary 2SL fabric. The face of this soft, breathable, compressive fabric is Velcro-compatible, making the brace adjustable to fit nearly any leg. The Pull on brace is made from BioSkins Ultima material. This ultra thin and lightweight material provides the highest level of compression.

Pull-On: Made from a highly compressive lycra-based fabric to maximise pain relief, control swelling and enhance proprioception. A foam buttress surrounds the patella for additional stabilisation, helping the patella to track correctly and reduce any swelling.

Wraparound: The entire front panel is hook and loop compatible, making it easy to achieve a perfect fit on virtually any leg. A great option for patients with limited flexibility or hand strength.

Indications for use of Hinged Knee Sleeve

»  Knee stability
»  Patellofemoral pain
»  General knee pain
»  Patella Tracking Disorder

Features and benefits of Hinged Knee Sleeve

»  Bicentric, aluminium hinges support ligaments and allow natural motion of the knee
»  Universal design, fits the left or right knee
»  Latex-free material


Hinged Knee Skin Sell Sheet


Hinged Knee Skin Sell Sheet


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BioSkin Hinged Knee Sleeve™ Sizes

Size Mid-patella (mm) 180mm above (mm) Pull On Code Wraparound Code
X-Small 310 - 330 410 - 460 41300O 51330
Small 330 - 360 460 - 510 41301O 51331
Medium 360 - 410 510 - 560 41302O 51332
Large 410 - 430 560 - 640 41303O 51333
X-Large 430 - 460 640 - 710 41304O 51334
XX-Large 460 - 500 710 - 800 41305O 51335