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The Pinnacle TLSO 464 is designed for patients who want support throughout recovery and those who want a sleeker look as they return to daily activities. The Pinnacle’s universal sizing ensures easy inventory management and patient-centric features to improve compliance. Pinnacle is the peak of comfort for cervical spine recovery.

The TLSO brace is designed with lightweight and breathable Airmesh® padding and the cut-out in the back pad eliminates irritation and allows for easier access to the incision site. Repositionable lordosis pads are provided with the brace and no tool is required for the anterior extension adjustments. The 3:1 mechanical advantage lacer system is a dual pull lacer system with independent top and bottom adjustments with ergonomic pull handles. The straps can be configured over the shoulder or under the arm and the belt has an easy-grip application strap.

The Pinnacle family of spinal orthoses considers patient comfort in every detail, comfort and compliance are at the forefront of the design.  Starting with structure, the braces are designed to support the unique anatomy of each patient through features like ergonomically moulded support panels, strategic cut-outs and an efficient 3:1 lacer system that accommodates the patient’s body shape. The construction is elevated by premium and highly breathable fabrics and easy-to-adjust features that reduce irritation, pressure, and discomfort, offering superior support from clinically advantageous features such as incision openings and user-friendly structures.

Spine bracing is an integral part of the treatment protocol for many spinal injuries, deformities, and ailments. Braces are used to support and protect the spine during a range of treatments spanning from non-surgical chronic conditions to acute surgical intervention and fracture management.

What is a TLSO brace and why is it used?

A TLSO is a spinal brace device that is worn to limit the movement of the spine. It can be used to help the healing process after spinal fractures and can also be used to help support the spine following surgery. By limiting the movement of the spine, the brace can help prevent further injury and can help reduce pain.

Indications for use:
✓  Postoperative Support
✓  For Stable Fracture Management
✓  Fracture management
✓  Decompressive Procedures
✓  Degenerative Disc Disease
✓  Spondylolisthesis
✓  Spinal Stenosis
✓  Bulging / Herniated Disc
✓  Severe DJD
Features and benefits:
✓  Over-the-shoulder or underarm strap configurations
✓  Motion restriction of the thoracic and lumbar regions T6 – S1
✓  Over-the-shoulder or underarm strap configurations
✓  Anatomically moulded back plate & integrated lumbar lordosis pads
✓  Easy grip application strap
✓  Don/Doff strap aids the patient in the removal & reapplication
✓  Easy anterior thoracic extension adjustment
✓  Ability to step down to LSO
✓  Universal sizing



Breg Pinnacle TLSO 464 Sell Sheet

Breg Pinnacle TLSO 464 Fitting Instruction

Size Guide


Bea Comfort TLSO Sell Sheet
Bea Comfort TLSO Fitting Instructions


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