Customer Services

Customer Services |

Our award-winning customer service team will go above and beyond to find the right solution for you.

Very friendly and approachable with extensive product knowledge, we provide a tailored approach to individual hospital administrative & procurement needs ensuring requirements are met in a positive and proactive manner.

Communication is key and our customer service team pride themselves on keeping you fully informed every step of the way, striving to provide a great customer experience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer relationships and are passionate about providing a reliable quality service. All orders are processed on the same day for a standard next day delivery, with quicker options available upon request.

With extensive product knowledge, we can not only advise on all off the shelf products, but also assist in the ordering of bespoke bracing for individual patient requirements, developing and aiding the design to accommodate specific needs. We are a knowledgeable team dedicated to providing customer service excellence and our customers are always our top priority.

Customer Services |

Beagle is committed to producing and sourcing high quality products and will continually improve knowledge, relationships, service, support and training to all stakeholders to set high industry standards for competitors.

Customer Services |

For every product we provide, we understand that there is patient involved and so care and attention is of the upmost importance. Quality is everything for Beagle. Every day is used to develop and improve on the day before knowing that we are affecting people lives in a positive way.

We work a just-in-time operation, which allows us to focus on continuous improvement, quality and efficiency.

24hr Delivery

Our 24-hour delivery commitment to all our customers to the point of order has helped this area of our business continually grow.

Whether the customer orders 5 or 500 we will manufacture to suit their needs. We truly believe we are a unique company who can deal with the individual needs of each hospital on an exclusive basis whilst still holding a competitive stance within the marketplace.