Paediatric AFO (Orthomerica)

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The paediatric AFO from Orthomerica keeps children’s feet and ankles in a good position for standing and walking. The AFO is designed to prevent equinus contractures and aid in the treatment of patients with spastic hemiplegia or diplegia.

The low-profile design is prefabricated and made from Polypropylene that can easily be fitted into a child’s shoes. The leaf spring design allows for a smoother gait pattern and low-cost blanks can be custom fitted. Especially effective application in clinical and office settings.

Indications for use:

»  Flaccid foot drop
»  Equinous contractures
»  Spastic hemiplegia
»  Diplegia

Features and benefits:

»  Popular prefabricated design accommodates many patients not requiring a custom or more rigid AFO
»  Full range of sizes fits infants 2 months to 6 years
»  Low-profile, effective for most indications
»  Inexpensive, labour savings for office or clinical application


Paediatric AFO Sell Sheet


Orthomerica Paediatric AFO Sell Sheet


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Paediatric AFO (Orthomerica) Sizes

Size Sling length (mm) Sling depth (mm) Code Colour / Pattern
Paed 1 200 150 SLP1/SLS Specify from swatch
Paed 2 230 210 SLP2/SLS Specify from swatch
Paed 3 280 280 SLP3/SLS Specify from swatch

Paediatric AFO (Orthomerica) Sizes

Size Calf Circ (mm) Foot Length (mm) Brace Height (mm) Left Code Right Code
X-Small 152 - 190 101 165 B/3581 B/3586
Small 190 - 228 114 190 B/3582 B/3587
Medium 215 - 241 120 228 B/3583 B/3588
Large 228 - 226 133 254 B/3584 B/3589
X-Large 254 - 292 152 279 B/3585 B/3590