AFTR DC (BioSkin)

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The BioSkin AFTR DC is designed to stabilise the hindfoot and ankle to speed the recovery process. The unique wrap around design with adjustable flaps lets you fit the brace perfectly to your ankle as swelling is reduced in the foot.

The front closure also allows for a pain-free and easy application process, especially when compared to a stiff lace-up brace design. Additional swelling control is provided by removable gel pads behind each of the ankle bones. The gel pads can also be placed in the freezer for cold therapy.

An additional stirrup strap comes with the brace for joint stabilisation during the recovery process.

Material – Latex Free

Indications for use of AFTR DC

» Ankle Sprains
» Post-Surgery
» Swelling Control
» Ankle Osteoarthritis Pain

Features and benefits of AFTR DC

» Wraparound design for easy application
» Adjustable as swelling decreases
» J-shaped gel pads control swelling around the malleoli
» Gel pads may be chilled for cold therapy
» Trimmable for a custom fit
» Non-elastic stirrup straps control hindfoot and limit inversion and eversion
» Also available with an elastic compression wrap
»  Positioning straps to aid in the fitting procedure
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

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