AFTR (BioSkin)

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The BioSkin AFTR pull-on is designed to stabilise the ankle and provide compression for pain relief.

The sleeve and stirrup can be used as a strap to recover from surgery, sprains, or ankle osteoarthritis pain. Non-elastic stirrup control hindfoot and limit inversion and eversion. The ankle brace is constructed from a breathable, hypoallergenic Ultima material that can be trimmed for a customised fit and is slim enough for most shoes.

Material – Ultima

Indications for use of AFTR

» Ankle Sprains
» Post-Surgery
» Swelling Control
» Ankle Osteoarthritis Pain

Features and benefits

» Reduces swelling and stabilises joint after injury
» Trimmable for custom fit
» Non-elastic stirrup control hindfoot and limit inversion and eversion
» Also available wth compression wrap
» Compression to help speed recovery
» Slim enough for most shoes
» Trimmable for a custom fit

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