All Purpose Boot (Darco)

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The All Purpose Boot has a square toe design acts as a bumper when K-wires are present and provides additional room and comfort for the patient.

Included is a removable EVA insole that is fully customisable to offload pressure points if needed. The wider sole and deep opening gives more room to accommodate large dressings, bandages and casts.

The wide ankle strap eliminates heel slippage as well as seats and secures the foot or cast in the shoe, a rocker bottom encourages smooth roll through gait pattern and reduces plantar pressure on the heel and forefoot by over 25%.

The MetaShankTM construction provides for a reinforced sole under the metatarsal heads to reduce motion. The strapless forefoot closure provides uniform security without the pressure of buckles or straps, can be worn left or right.

Indications for use of All Purpose Boot

»  Used postoperatively for stability and mobilisation
»  Used with fibreglass cast bandages for the foot and ankle

Features and benefits of All Purpose Boot

»  This boot is fully closed and water-repellent
»  Uses the same sole technology as the proven MedSurg healing shoes
»  Low-profile-no height compensation necessary
»  Replaceable insoles also available
»  Can be worn on the left or right foot

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Sole type

Flat Sole, Rocker Sole


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