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Manufactured in the UK by Beagle custom fabrication, the BAAH Brace (Beagle Adjustable Abduction Hip) is used in the management of Paediatric HIP reconstruction. The brace was made for a consultant surgeon at the Royal Hospital for Children who wanted an alternative to the Batchelor cast.

The custom brace is a made-to-measure brace to provide a perfect fit for the patient. Designed with either a short or long adjustable abduction bar, which is constructed from a Dural Alloy: – a high strength, low weight alloy composed of Aluminium, Copper and Magnesium. The thigh cuff is manufactured from LDPE (low-density polyethylene), which has sufficient rigidity but enough flexibility to allow the cuff to open for easy donning. Constructed with a single hook & loop fastener and removable/washable liner.

The BAAH brace is a made-to-measure custom brace, so 3 measurements are required:
»  Thigh circumference
»  Length of cuff
»  Bar length: – Short (160 – 260mm) or Long (260-420mm)
To order the BAAH brace: – complete an order form and email it to our customer service team at [email protected]

Indications for use of Paediatric Cotton Sling

»  Post-op bracing following hip reconstruction surgery in Cerebral Palsy patients
»  Femoral osteotomy
»  Pelvic osteotomy
»  Abductor release
»  Post (early) spica removal
»  Post Capital Femoral Hemiepiphysiodesis

Features and benefits of Paediatric Cotton Sling

»  Custom – Made to measure
»  Easier to fit than a traditional hip spica, reducing time under anaesthetic
»  The adjustable straps can accommodate swelling
»  Light, low-profile design aids in the process of rehabilitation
»  Supplied with an extra set of pads
»  Reduction in skin problems
»  Reduced hospital stay &
post-op complications
»  Patient can sit upright, if able
»  Eases patient examination a patient by nursing staff on ward post-op
»  Reduces multiple nurse specialist interactions
»  Compatible with most wheelchairs & easier to move patients from bed to wheelchair
»  Allows for better toileting
»  Eating & drinking in bed is easier

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