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The Bea-CTO is an innovative Cervical-Thoracic Orthosis two-piece design for the immobilisation and treatment of the upper thoracic and cervical spine. The system design is simple and easy to apply, allowing components to be stepped down during patient recovery. The molded posterior occipital component comprises an adjustable spine element that allows the Clinician to shape the patient’s unique anatomy.

Indications for use of California Soft Spinal

»  Post-operative non-invasive restriction & immobilisation of the cervical & upper thoracic spine
»  Jefferson’s fracture without transverse ligament injury
»  Light wedge fractures following traction or occipital avulsion fractures
»  Stable fractures of the upper thoracic region
»  Post-trauma
»  Spinal stenosis

Features and benefits of California Soft Spinal

»  The two-piece design increases airflow, comfort & ease of application
»  Step down system provides support throughout patient recovery
»  Large trachea opening & innovative adjustable yoke system
»  Vented occipital component with an aluminium spine element, allows customised contouring to suit patient anatomy
»  Unique semi-rigid quick-adjust straps help prevent shearing migration
»  Removable foam liner for increased patient comfort
»  Additional liners available
»  MRI Compatible
»  Latex Free

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