Body Armor® Embrace Ankle Brace (Darco)

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The Body Armor® Embrace is a multi-purpose, ankle joint orthosis. It can be applied during the acute phase of an ankle injury and then can be worn throughout rehabilitation.

The parallel soft pads are designed to protect the injured ankle in the early phases but can be shortened by cutting along the indicated lines to make a comfortable and easy to use prophylactic ankle support.

The two hook & loop fasteners are featured with the DARCO Y-closure system to allow for easy length adjustment while ensuring a secure fit. During weight bearing, there is an applied pressure to the talus from the tibia and this may cause shifting in the talus.

The Talus strap is an anti-shift strap safeguarding the talus from movement thus promoting optimal tibiotalar contact. The anatomically curved shaped stirrup ensures a comfortable fit and thus increasing compliance of the user.

It prevents supination and pronation of the ankle and safeguards against prolapse of the talus also protects the anterior talofibular ligament and compresses the talar mortise joint.

Indications for use of Body Armor® Embrace Ankle

»  Distortion trauma of the upper ankle joint
»  Conservative ankle rehabilitation
»  Insufficiencies of the upper ankle joint capsule-ligament complex
»  Postoperative protection after ligament suturing

Features and benefits of Body Armor® Embrace Ankle

»  Proven Darco easy to use hook and loop Y-closure system
»  Available for right and left foot

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