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Designed and manufactured in the UK by Beagle Orthopaedic, Cast Hinges with a proven ROM hinge comprise and easy to set flexion and extension. Anti-tamper screw allows you to lock out the hinge at the desired setting. Also available in 2 kit options containing hinges, jig and tool kit.

Indications for use

»  Functional cast bracing is a mode of immobilisation for the upper and lower limbs. Immobilising the fracture but enabling the joints to flex and extended. This type of cast allows for early mobilisation of the fracture, yet allowing micro motion to aid healing and increase blood flow to soft tissue muscle and the fracture site. Prof. Sarmiento has conclusively proven that this mode of mobilisation improve healing and patients ability to be ambulant earlier than other conventional modes.

Features and benefits

»  An innovate development for the use of the alignment jig; magnetic centres incorporated into the side arms for easy quick-release allow for accurate alignment of the hinges minimising lateral/collateral sheer forces across the knee
»  Proven ROM hinge with easy to set flexion and extension stops allow you to set the hinge easily whilst the brace is on the patient
»  Anti-tamper screw allows you to lock out the hinge at the desired setting

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12:12, 12:18 Left, 12:18 Right, 18:32 Left, 18:32 Right, Paediatric


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