Compression Shorts (BioSkin)

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The BioSkin compression shorts provide medical-grade compression to help recover from hip flexor strains, quadriceps contusions or strains, and hamstring injuries. Compression increases circulation, allowing more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the injured tissue during the healing process. The snug fit from the compression also reduces swelling and inflammation, further enhancing recovery, and helps to improve performance. Medical-grade compression increases proprioception and circulation so your muscles work more efficiently during exercise. Improving circulation also quickens recovery time, so you can get back to exercising with fresh legs even faster. Optional groin wrap available for targeted compression.

Material – Ultima

Indications for use of Compression Shorts

»  Hip pain
»  Groin strain
»  Hamstring strain
»  Quadriceps strain

Features and benefits of Compression Shorts

»  Hypoallergenic material
»  Optional groin wrap for targeted compression
»  Medical-grade compression
»  Elastic waistband

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