Cool Max Extended D Ring Wrist Brace

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The Cool Max Extended D-Ring is manufactured in the UK by Beagle.

This wrist brace is manufactured in a thermo-cool material which is a lightweight and breathable fabric in an extended version.

Designed in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, the brace features the D loop fastening system with adjustable tension.

Full finger movement is maintained for rehabilitation.

Indications for use of Cool Max Extended D-Ring

»  Healing Fractures
»  Sprains
»  Repetitive strain injuries
»  Rheumatoid arthritis
»  Carpal tunnel syndrome

Features and benefits

»  Lightweight and breathable
»  Full finger movement
»  Perforated material, with a comfy lining without the bulk for optimum
»  11” in length
»  Ventilated neoprene with plush lining
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

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