CTLSO Airback Combo

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Manufactured by Beagle Custom Fabrication, the CTLSO Airback Combo has been developed with Orthotists at clinics in various locations in the UK. We are able to offer 2 modular options with a next Day before 9am if requested for orders placed before 3.30 pm. We believe we have the most comprehensive choice of CTLSO in the UK which are indicated for multi-level spinal conditions for injuries C3 to T8.

Measurements required

»  Chest Circ
»  Waist Circ
»  Hip Circ
»  Chin to Waist
»  Chin to Shoulder depth

Please complete the CTLSO Airback Combo form in the Orthometry Chart download tab and email it to [email protected] If you need further assistance, please call customer service.

Orthometry Chart Download

CTLSO Airback Combo Form