Custom AFO

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Manufactured in the UK by Beagle Custom Fabrication, our team of technicians have the skills to offer you any style of custom AFO on request.
Available in custom-fabricated, solid, semi-rigid, articulated, night splint, patella tendon bearing to name a few. We also offer a wide range of ankle hinges, pads, straps and transfer patterns which both children and adults love, see transfer swatch sheet.

Cosmetic designs of Custom AFOs

»  Neuro Rectified DAFO
»  SMO
»  AFO
»  PTTD Brace
»  CRO Walker
»  PFO for Symes, Lisfranc & Chopart Amputations

Coventional design

»  Single & Double BK Irons
»  Bi Cal Articulated BK Irons
»  Toe Raising Devices

Please complete the AFO Orthometry chart form in the Orthometry Chart download tab and send with any relevant enclosures, Cast, FIB, Draft etc and email to [email protected]
If you need further assistance, please call customer service.

Orthometry Chart & Transfer Swatch Download

Custom AFO Form
Custom AFO Transfer Pattern Swatch