Crow Boot (Custom to Cast)

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Manufactured by Beagle Custom Fabrication the CROW (Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker) Boot combines an ankle/foot orthosis and a custom boot. Designed to provide total contact for weight distribution and reduce plantar surface pressure with the familiar bi-valve configuration.

The CROW was originally designed for patients with severe deformity of the foot and ankle due to acute nerve damage, which is mostly caused by diabetes. Its unique design encloses the entire lower limb, completely surrounding the ankle and foot with a built-in sole which accommodates the rocker bottom shape of the Charcot foot.

Individuals with the Charcot deformity are inclined to have skin break downs, which turn into sores. To avoid risk of amputation, the CROW boot is prescribed. The CROW Boot can help provide support to a Charcot foot, with a specially designed padding on the inside that helps to absorb shock to the tender areas. This brace is constructed to allow the sores as well as the whole foot to heal. Our experienced fabricators are skilled at casting and forming the boot for maximum comfort, while allowing for optimal range of motion.

Indications for use of CROW Boot

»  Charcot Joints
»  Neuropathic Ulcerations
»  Foot Ulcers
»  Insensate Feet
»  Charcot Disease
»  Charcot Foot and Ankle
»  Charcot Deterioration
»  Trauma
»  Pre or Post Surgical Intervention of Mid and Hind Foot
»  Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy

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