Custom Wrist & Wrist/Thumb Braces


Manufactured in the UK, we have a wide collection of custom Wrist/Wrist Thumb braces in a variety of patterns and colours, all made to measure for a perfect fit based on the individual needs of patients. A custom wrist brace provides healing support for the wrist following an injury or trauma by keeping the joint immobilized. They also help to prevent certain conditions caused by repetitive activity.
Our wrist braces are lightweight and comfortable, made of durable materials such as sturdy and waterproof nylon. With proper use, they can be an invaluable tool to help ensure that your wrist is properly supported while promoting natural healing of the affected area.

Indications for use for Wrist/Wrist Thumb Brace

»  Healing Fractures
»  Sprains
»  Repetitive strain injuries
»  Rheumatoid arthritis
»  CMC ligament sprains/strains
»  Synovitis

Measurements required

»  Palm MCP
»  Wrist circumference
»  Forearm circumference
»  Length
»  Thumb circumference (For Wrist/Thumb brace)

Please complete the Custom wrist brace form below and email it to [email protected]
If you need further assistance, please call customer service.

Orthometry Chart Download

Wrist & Wrist/Thumb Braces