Darco WCS® Wound Care Shoe System

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The WCS® Wound Care Shoe is recommended for the treatment of open and closed ulcerations and other conditions of the foot where it is desirable to redistribute weight away from specific areas. Four multi-density insoles allow the patient great comfort and flexibility when off-loading is preferred method of treatment. The soft Plastazote lining covers and protects lesions and other wounds. The rocker sole aids in ambulation. A marker on outsole aids in proper fitting of patients. The long adjustable straps accommodate a wide range of bandages and dressings and provide easy entry. The upper may be cut away to further relieve pressure if needed. The wound care shoes are sold in pairs.

Indications for use

»  Treatment of diabetic foot syndrome, open wounds and ulcers
»  Designed for pressure redistribution
»  Postoperative phase after toe and/or forefoot surgery

Features and benefits

»  Includes customisable insole
»  Replacement “four-layer” insoles available
»  Easy entry and room for bandages
»  Sold in pairs
»  Leather upper

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Darco WCS® Wound Care Shoe System