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The DP2 premium wrist brace is a comfortable way to stabilise the wrist joint while recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist sprains. It is recommended to wear a wrist brace at night to keep the wrist in a neutral position while sleeping, which is why BioSkin use soft, moisture-wicking microfleece around the skin and across the sensitive area between your thumb and fingers to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

The lightweight, supportive stays on the top and bottom of the wrist are removable and can be reshaped for a customisable fit. Constructed with straps instead of laces, the brace can easily be put on with one hand. The low-profile and functional design of the brace allows for full use of your fingers while limiting the motion of your wrist.

Material – Soft Microfleece

Indications for use of DP2

»  Tendinitis and tendon disorders of the wrist
»  Sprains
»  Repetitive strain injuries
»  Rheumatoid arthritis

Features and benefits of DP2

»   Length – 6.5 inches
»  Customisable aluminium stays can be bent for comfort and specific positioning or removed if not needed
»  Soft microfleece fabric wicks moisture during use
»  Can be applied using only one hand
»  Allows full use of the fingers while limiting motion in the wrist

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