Hallux Control Strap with mid-foot compression wrap (BioSkin)

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The BioSkin Hallux Control Strap with mid-foot compression wrap supports proper healing after bunion correction and helps prevent bunions from worsening by splinting the hallux, or big toe, in a neutral position.

The strap is constructed from our soft and moisture-wicking microfleece material to keep you cool and dry, the material is entirely trimmable for a customized fit and can be comfortably worn in most footwear.

Material – Latex Free

Indications for use of Hallux Control Strap

»  Bunion Correction
»  Bunion Prevention

Features and benefits of Hallux Control Strap

»  Stretches extensor tendons after primary healing to improve range of motion and allows normal gait
»  Provides resistance for patients to strengthen flexor hallucis longus for strong toe-off
»  Can be used with AFTR brace or the CMC Wrap

Additional information

Shoe Size

4-9, 9.5-16


S, L


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