Heal PRO (Orthomerica)

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The Heal Pro contains a soft and comfortable CoolFoam™ liner with finished edges, the washable liner is simple to remove and re-apply for cleaning. The CoolFoam™ wraps around the proximal trim line to reduce the calf pressure.

Dual foot and calf hook & loop closures and the easy opening hook & loop tabs facilitate independent donning and doffing. The heel offset reduces heel pressure when in a supine position.

The internal or external rotation is controlled with a 90 degrees stop. The rubber treaded sole enhances patient safety. The built-in toe lift facilitates clearance in the swing phase during ambulation and the extended footplate protects toes from bed sheets and prevents contractures.

Universal sizing will fit right or left, extension straps are included for oedema or bariatric patients, and a splash cover for hygienic toileting.

Indications for use of Heal Pro

»  Prevention of heel
»  Unloading of a pre-existing ulcer on the posterior aspect of the calcaneus
»  Surgical positioning of the lower limb
»  Prevention of lower limb internal or external rotation while the patient is supine
»  Protection of fragile and compromised skin of the foot and ankle
»  Foot drop without contractures
»  Patients at risk to lose ankle range of motion secondary to recumbent positioning

Features and benefits of Heal Pro

»  Soft and comfortable CoolFoamTM liner with finished edges
»  Coolfoam wrap around proximal trim line reduces calf pressure
»  Includes splash cover for hygienic toileting
»  Rubber Treaded sole to enhance safety
»  Toe lift facilitates clearance in swing phase during ambulation

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