Heelwedge Heel Off-Loading Shoe (Darco)

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The Heelwedge Heel Off-Loading Shoe from Darco is clinically proven to offload pressure by over 26% from the heel by shifting weight to the mid and forefoot to promote faster healing after surgery, trauma or when wounds or ulcerations are present on the heel.

The square-toe design offers more space for bandage material, provides selective off-loading of heel pressure that is displaced to the midfoot.

The modified rocker bottom encourages a smooth toe-off while maintaining a stable mid-foot base and the unique forefoot closure provides uniform security without the pressure points of buckles and straps.

The ankle strap seats the foot firmly in the sole and eliminates heel friction and the cloth toe protector keeps toes warm and dressings clean and dry.

Can be worn on the left or right foot.

Indications for use of Heelwedge

»  Treatment of injuries or ulcers around the heel (heel ulcers)
»  Postoperative care after procedures involving plantar fasciitis

Features and benefits of Heelwedge

»  Replaceable insole
»  Integrated toe cap and water-repellent
»  Can be worn on the left or right foot

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