Leg Gaiter (Made to Measure)

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Manufactured in the UK, the Leg Gaiter is made to measure for a perfect fit. Designed to stabilise the leg, and either restrict or assist movement depending on the indications for use. Flexion gaiters for when flexion is required and extension gaiters for prolonged immobilisation.
Available in a variety of colours and patterns, see Pattern Swatch Sheet.

Please complete the Custom Leg Gaiter form and email it to [email protected]

If you need further assistance, please call customer service.

Indications for use of Leg Gaiter

»  Post-surgery
»  Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
»  Post-fracture
»  Dislocation
»  Sprains, strains or weakened joints
»  Support during the night

Feature & Benefits

»  To control, stabilise, limit or immobilise an extremity joint.
»  To provide ease of movement resulting in reduced pain.
»  To restrict movement in a given direction.
»  To aid rehabilitation following a fracture or break and removal of the cast.
»  Extension gaiters for keeping the arm or leg in extension for prolonged stretch/immobilisation.
»  Flexion gaiters are recommended if flexion is required due to contractures for example.
»  Extensive pattern choice that is regularly updated.
»  Standard Leg extension gaiters keep the arm or leg in extension for prolonged stretch/immobilisation.

Measurements required

»  Thigh circumference
»  Knee circumference
»  Calf circumference
»  Length

Got a bright idea?

Both our Bohler Walker and Clasby Humeral Brace were born from a clinical need and close working relationships with our customers.

We want to develop more life changing products like these, so let’s talk and discuss your ideas.

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Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Pattern Swatch

Orthometry Chart & Pattern Swatch Download

Leg Gaiter form
Pattern Swatch Sheet