Light Wound Care Shoe (Darco)

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The Light Wound Care Shoe System from DARCO offers the proven four-layer-insole system with individual customisation for offloading included in a closed shoe.

The ultra soft & breathable upper provides maximum comfort and leaves extra space for bandages.

Featuring a seamless toe area with extra space for light bandages, with an elastic & breathable upper and comfortable fitting provided by high heel cup. Sold in pairs and 5 sizes available in black (adults).

Indications for use of Light Wound Care Shoe

»  Treatment for diabetic foot syndrome
»  Healing shoe for open wounds and mild ulcerations
»  Designed for pressure redistribution
»  Used for postoperative phase after toe and/or forefoot surgery

Features and benefits of Light Wound Care Shoe

»  Includes customisable insoles
»  Replacement “four-layer” insole available
»  Sold in pairs

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