Malleodyn S3 (Sporlastic)

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The Malleodyn S3 is an innovative ankle brace that is multi-functioning to aid in rehabilitation and also the non-reoccurrence of injury. Stabilisation is achieved through the anatomically medial and lateral shaped splints, including an additional stiffening lateral splint (orange) and a non-stretch figure of 8 straps to limit movement in the ankle joint. The brace is extremely low profile and has an inner shoe-like construction made from anti-bacterial material, which enables it to fit easily into the shoe. Use during sports or other activities to provide ankle stability and improve ankle function to prevent further injuries. Optimisation of proprioceptive performance (skin proprioceptors).

Indications for use of Malleodyn S3

»  Conservative treatment for all injuries for which stabilisation or limiting movement is required
»  Post-Operative
»  Acute ankle injuries
»  Ligament instabilities
»  Limitation of forwarding displacement and tilt of the talus
»  Supination Trauma
»  Ankle Sprains

Features and benefits of Malleodyn S3

»  Stabilisation and prevention of pronation trauma
»  Bi-elastic inner pad for pressure-free ankles
» One-time adjustment of the straps for quick application with 2 clicks
»  Heel width adjustable
»  Bi-elastic spacer fabric with carbon finish for maximum breathability
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

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