Neurodyn Comfort (Sporlastic)

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The Neurodyn Comfort is an innovative design that helps to lift the foot up throughout the gait pattern. It creates dynamic heel-to-toe roll behaviour and reduces the danger of tipping. The cross over semi-elastic restraints has a strong lifting effect. This brace can be applied with one hand around the ankle and contains comfortable padding in this area. The insole is a trimmable thermoplastic.

On ordering, shoe size, ankle circumference, and left/right information is required, please contact customer service.

Indications for use of Neurodyn Comfort

»  Flaccid Paralysis
»  Spastic Foot Drop

Features and benefits of Neurodyn Comfort

»  Helps to lift the foot up throughout gait pattern
»  Dynamic heel-to-toe roll behaviour
»  Reduces danger of tipping
»  One hand ankle fastening with comfortable padding
»  Trimmable thermoplastic insole
»  Cross over semi-elastic restraints with a strong lifting effect

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