Neurodyn Foot-Lift Orthosis (Sporlastic)

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The Neurodyn Foot-Lift is a fabric orthosis for dynamic compression of flaccid foot drop. The orthopaedic rehabilitation should compensate for any lost… functionality without hindering the remaining functions. This support uses dynamics instead of rigidity providing comfort instead of pressure. Free plantar flexion. Available in black or beige.

Indications for use of Neurodyn Foot-Lift

»  Flaccid paralysis

Features and benefits of Neurodyn Foot-Lift

»  Fabric orthosis for dynamic compensation of flaccid paralysis
»  Orthopaedic rehabilitation should compensate for lost functionality without hindering remaining functions
»  Dynamics instead of rigid splints – comfort instead of pressure
»  Free plantar flexion
»  Available in black and beige

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Sporlastic Neurodyn Foot-Lift Orthosis Sell Sheet
Sporlastic Neurodyn Foot-Lift Orthosis Fitting Instruction