Newport Twister System

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Newport System with the new PJ—Virtual Paediatric Joint enhances hip stability by supporting and positioning the hips in optimal alignment while allowing a controlled range of motion. This paediatric hip orthosis can be used post-operatively to maintain the corrected surgical position or can be provided to maximise function during activities of daily living. Improved alignment through the hip encourages appropriate acetabular and femoral modelling and reduces the tendency for subluxation and dislocation.

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Indications for use

»  Post-operative stabilization of the paediatric hip
»  Patients with subluxed hips who require better alignment to relieve pain
»  Children needing improved sitting and standing balance

Feature & Benefits of Newport Twister System

»  Universal pelvic module, bilateral thigh cuffs, comfortable lumbar pad
»  Anatomical design captures and stabilizes the pelvis
»  Washable Coolfoam™ liners
»  Virtual® Pediatric Joint (pj)
»  The smallest and lightest hip joint available in the industry
»  Adjustable control of flexion, extension, abduction and adduction
»  Curved proximal joint attachments provide clearance over the incision and trochanter
»  Joints with straight bars available in short, long and unslotted configurations for sale as components

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