BioSkin OA Spiral

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The BioSkin OA Spiral is a lightweight, low-profile, knee brace for tibiofemoral and/or patellofemoral OA pain.
Tibiofemoral: The OA Spiral uses a three-point leverage system and a non-elastic strap to pull the knee out of varus or valgus and decrease pain.
Patellofemoral: Among patients with tibiofemoral OA, 91% also have radiographic patellofemoral OA. BioSkin’s Q strap has been clinically proven to decrease pain in the PF joint by supporting proper patellar alignment and increasing joint surface contact. The lightweight hinge and thin breathable materials yield a product that is comfortable and easy to wear, even under clothing.
The strap and buckle design make donning and doffing easy for patients who struggle with dexterity. The brace is designed for longevity with easily replaceable hook and loop panels.

Indications for use of BioSkin OA Spiral

»  Osteoarthritis of the knee
»  Preoperative
»  Tibiofemoral OA pain
»  Patellofemoral OA pain
»  Preoperative Conservative option

Features and benefits of BioSkin OA Spiral

»  Enhanced clinically validated pain relief with high patient satisfaction
»  Biomechanical improvements
»  Adjustable sizing. Easy to fit, apply and use
»  Contoured cut
»  Improved proprioception
»  Latex free material

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BioSkin OA Sprial Sell Sheet
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OA Spiral Lateral Fitting Video
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OA Spiral Clinical Paper – 2016 Patellofemoral Pain Concensus Statement