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The Orthomerica Newport Ultra Hip Orthosis is designed to provide protection and support for patients with problems related to hip instability. The Ultra Hip brace protects the hip joint capsule by providing a limited and safe range of motion following surgical procedures.

A laterally placed abduction paddle helps to maintain the head of the femur in the acetabulum. The compression belt designed with double pull tabs anchors the hip joint and thigh cuff to promote optimal alignment. The femoral widget on the hinge offers extra adjustability for those patients who are more difficult to fit.

The brace provides the user with greater mobility and support when toileting than any other hip brace. The universal fit means it can be used for the left or right and accommodates a waist size ranging from 25” – 52”.

Click here to watch the Newport Ultra features and fitting video, you can view more videos on our YouTube channel.

Indications for use of Newport Ultra

»  Minimally invasive hip procedures
»  Hip resurfacing procedures
»  Postoperatively
»  Patients at risk to dislocate
»  Total hip replacement
»  Postoperative or injury repair hip patients who will wear the orthosis for protection during healing
»  After repositioning of hip luxation
»  Patients who have been, or are likely to be non-compliant with a rigid, bulky hip orthosis
»  Arthroscopic hip procedures
»  Postoperative proximal

Features and benefits of Newport Ultra

»  No tools required to adjust the brace
»  Locking screw provided to prevent the patient from adjusting flexion/extension range
»  Proprioceptive reminder
»  Easily customized to provide an exact fit
»  Well-tolerated by patients
»  The virtual joint is easily set to control hip flexion, extension, adduction and abduction
»  Lightweight
»  Compression belt design with pull tabs anchors the hip joint and thigh cuff to promote optimal alignment
»  Universal for the right or left side
»  One size fits most
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

Contraindications for use of Newport Ultra

»  Global instability
»  Patients at risk for an anterior dislocation
»  Chronic dislocation

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