PegAssist Insole (Darco)

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The PegAssist Insole from Darco is the perfect choice for the treatment of diabetic ulcerations because it minimises pressure on wounds for faster healing while allowing patients to maintain their mobility.

The PegAssist eliminates the lever effect on osteotomies of the MT1 by offloading the first MPJ, the insole can also be cut flush with the metatarsal heads to float the toes when K-Wires are present.

Providing short-term pain management for patients suffering due to bony abnormalities (e.g. prominent metatarsal heads) or other painful conditions that may later be surgically corrected.

The pegs can be removed to off-load pressure from any area of the plantar surface of the foot. A single-use marking tube is included to mark the area of desired pressure reduction and to ensure proper peg removal.

The peg support board adheres to the black side of the insole to keep pegs from collapsing and the off-loaded area is kept intact.

For use with the Medsurg Healing Shoe, Relief Dual, OrthoWedge & HeelWedge.

Indications for use of PegAssist

Selective off-loading for:
»  Plantar lesions
»  Plantar ulcerations
»  Pressure points

Features and benefits of PegAssist

»  Insole is designed for use with the right or left foot

Additional information

Shoe type

Medsurg & Relief Dual, OrthoWedge & HeelWedge


XS, S, M, L, XL


Men, Universal, Women




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