Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe (Darco)

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The Relief Dual® innovations revolutionise off-loading technology, this newly designed Dual sole combines the benefits of an EVA shock absorbing material and the anti-slip features of rubber; for a ground-breaking step in the post-operative treatment for foot care.

In addition, through these improvements, Darco has optimised the rolling characteristics of the shoe.

Breaking from convention, they have increased the surface area of the rigid shank to the entire sole area, maximising pressure re-distribution while effectively immobilising the metatarsophalangeal joint I & V (MTP) and the distal interphalangeal joint I & V (DIP).

Indications for use of Relief Dual®

»  Used post-operatively for stability & off-loading e.g. after foot osteotomy procedures

Features and benefits of Relief Dual®

»  Innovative dual-sole technology
»  Optimal impact relief – slip-resistant rubber sole – lightweight breathable upper
»  Rigid shank throughout entire innersole
»  Wide opening for bulky dressings
»  Easy on/off, and easy insole access
»  Can be worn on the left or right foot
»  Low profile – no height compensation necessary

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