Rhizo-Hit Thumb Brace (Sporlastic)

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The Rhizo-Hit Thumb brace provides stabilisation of the thumb saddle joint and still maintains full finger movement for rehabilitation.

The brace enables a gripping motion and the reinforced aluminium insert is anatomically adjustable.

Universal will fit left or right.

Indications for use of Rhizo-Hit

»  Tendon instability in the region of the thumb and thumb saddle joint (ski thumb)
»  Arthrosis of the radial carpus metacarophalangeal joint 1(MCP 1)
»  Mild to advanced thumb arthrosis with distinguished sub-luxation with or without hypermobility of the thumb saddle joint (thumb side) parts of the wrist

Features and benefits

»  Stabilisation of the thumb saddle joint
»  Maintains full finger movement for rehabilitation
»  Enables a gripping motion
»  Universal left or right
»  Reinforced aluminium insert anatomically adjustable
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

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Sporlastic Rhizo-Hit Thumb Brace Sell Sheet
Sporlastic Rhizo-Hit Thumb Brace Fitting Instructions