Spinal Brace

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Manufactured in the UK by Beagle Custom Fabrication, we offer a comprehensive range of Spinal Braces to Cast, Scan & Measurements.

We offer a full rectification / modelling service of your digitally captured Models and with years of experience, we our able to rectify your models to achieve optimum correction of your scoliosis presentations. Spinal Braces for Neuro Muscular Patients can also be modelled to meet the clinician’s requirements.

We offer a ‘Service Visit’ at initial consultation stage to ensure all technical information is agreed and noted. If you have barriers preventing scanning or casting, we also manufacture TLSO/LSO Braces to a comprehensive set of measurements see specific Orthometry Chart we use a comprehensive library of models which can be altered to your Orthometry chart measurements.

Please complete the Spinal Brace form in the Orthometry Chart download tab and email it to [email protected] If you need further assistance, please call customer service.

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