Malleo-Hit (Sporlastic)

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The Malleo-Hit from Sporlastic is ankle support with nopped silicone friction pads. Designed to support the ankle joint following injury, surgery or osteoarthritis. Manufactured in an intelligent fabric (3D Flat Knit) ensures a wrinkle-free fit during all movements. The support material provides the ankle with therapeutic compression, massaging and improving blood flow, helping to reduce any swelling. The brace offers relief, compression and stabilisation of the ankle. The two silicone pads with raised nodules provide targeted friction and improve the circulation in the joint, giving relief and stabilisation, helping you to get on with your day and keep on doing the things you love.

Indications for use of Malleo-Hit

»  Arthritis of the ankle
»  Rheumatic diseases
»  Protective everyday wear for weak ligaments/prophylaxis
»  Ankle arthrosis
»  Chronic capsular ligament instability
»  Inflammation & swelling of the ankle
»  Mild ankle sprain
»  Post-operative foot & ankle
»  Rheumatism-related diseases of the foot & ankle
»  Minor distortions in the ankle

Features and benefits of Malleo-Hit

»  Relief, compression & stabilisation of the ankle
»  Targeted friction with friction inserts with raised nodules
»  Favourable effect on the painful insertion tendinopathy & capsule inflammation that is typical for arthritis
»  Improvement of circulation in the joint
»  Optimisation of proprioceptive performance (skin proprioceptors)
»  Special knitted fabric on the instep for practically wrinkle-free fit during rolling of the foot

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