Standard Economy Wrist Brace 9″

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The Standard Economy wrist brace is manufactured in the UK. Made from a single weave elastic that provides support to the whole wrist region for added…reassurance. Full finger movement is maintained for rehabilitation exercises. Removable easy to modify metal stay keeps the wrist in slight extension relieving strain on the tendons. The economy version has 3 finger tabs and 1 palmar leather.

Indications for use of Standard Economy Wrist Brace

»  Healing Fractures
»  Sprains
»  Repetitive strain injuries
»  Rheumatoid arthritis

Features and benefits

»  Elastic Provides support to the whole wrist region for added reassurance
»  Maintains full finger movement for rehabilitation exercises
»  Relieves strain on tendons to aid in reducing pain
»  Can be hand wash and air dried

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