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The Vertebradyn Osteo from Sporlastic is a dynamic slim fit back brace for active support, relief and stabilisation of the entire back. The osteoporosis brace can be comfortably put on and taken off as easy as a backpack, thanks to the maximum extension of the arm loops. The back has a dynamic telescopic reclining splint, with a spring action that follows the movements of the body preventing the brace from slipping up. Also thanks to a safety strap and the parking position, the straps are easy to adjust and always within reach. The extendable reclination Splint means the orthosis can adapt perfectly to every movement, ensuring a perfect fit at all times.

Indications for use of Vertebradyn Osteo

»  Ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease)
»  Scheuermann disease
»  Conservative treatment of secondary kyphoses
»  Muscle laxity
»  Osteoporosis
»  Painful hunchback
»  Scheuermann’s disease
»  Stable spinal fractures in the thoracic & lumbar spinal regions

Features and benefits of Vertebradyn Osteo

»  Active support, relief and stabilisation of the entire back
»  Automatic length adjustment: Telescopic splint follows the body’s movement, preventing the orthosis from sliding up
»  Continuous adjustment of the corrective pressure
»  Dynamic reclination effect: Permanent resilient reclination splint conforming to the body’s contours for a continuous straightening effect
»  Anatomically pre-moulded and customisable reclining splint
»  Arrester: straps are always to hand
»  Comfortable to put on due to the maximum extension of the arm slings
»  Custom-positionable shoulder pads
»  Drawstring length can be customised
»  Comfortable to wear due to the elastic textile
»  Hand straps for easy application
»  Strap guide with loops minimises the effort of putting on
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

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