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The Wrist Thumb Spica helps ease the pain and speed recovery of many wrist and thumb injuries. The wrist/thumb brace is designed to be lightweight and comfortable while providing the necessary support to injured wrist and thumb joints. Soft microfleece is placed against the skin and a customisable, aluminum stay is used along the thumb joints for immobilisation.

The design allows for full use of your fingers while immobilising the injured thumb and providing compression to the wrist joint for extra blood flow and enhanced recovery. Since there are no laces, the Wrist Thumb Spica is quick and easy to apply with one hand.

Material – Soft Microfleece

Indications for use of Wrist Thumb Spica

»  Skier’s Thumb
»  Gamekeeper’s Thumb
»  Thumb Sprains
»  Wrist Sprains

Features and benefits of Wrist Thumb Spica

»  Customisable aluminium stays in the wrist and thumb can be bent for comfort or specific positioning
»  The palmar stay may be removed if not needed
»  Soft microfleece fabric wicks moisture during use
»  Can be applied using only one hand
»  Allows full use of fingers while limiting motion in the wrist and thumb joint

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