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We believe that a product’s provenance is of the upmost importance.

Producing quality orthopaedic goods made by skilled machinists and using premium UK raw materials.

Manufacturing in the UK allows us complete control from sourcing the raw materials, design concept through to production. We have the resources and facilities to reorganise and reprioritise workload to achieve customer deadlines.

Advocates for British manufacturing, we are passionate to support the growth and development of manufacturing skills.

Here at Beagle Orthopaedic, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors as a UK manufacturer of orthopaedic soft goods. Offering a professional, high-quality service of product design comprising small to medium productions, pre-production sampling and cutting services, all based here in Lancashire.

As members of Made in Britain, we are advocates for UK manufacturing and we are passionate to support the growth and development of manufacturing skills that can grow and collaborate with others and boost job prospects and confidence in people, giving them both practical and business skills in the local area. Further supporting our philosophy, 99% of all our raw materials and components are sourced in the UK.

UK Manufacturing |
UK Manufacturing |

We’re one of the few remaining orthopaedic softgoods manufacturers in the UK, dedicated to providing customers with elite products.

318,000 people are employed in manufacturing in the North West of England and Beagle is very proud to fall within that sector. There are more people employed in textiles in Lancashire than any other UK region and our own manufacturing team have over 200 years’ worth of combined experience.

As innovators of the highest standard, using a unique technology, meticulous planning and an unrivalled work ethic, our company has become known as a manufacturer of orthopaedic soft goods. We foster a collaborative culture and value our highly skilled staff who take pride in the products they manufacture.

We offer a wide range of off the shelf products with the ability to offer smaller or larger sizes as standard, but we also pride ourselves on having the skills to work with clinicians to produce custom products for those patients who need something more bespoke to help them in their everyday life.

Having our purchasing, design and manufacturing departments all based within one building has provided Beagle with the fantastic ability to have everyone collectively understand the product lifecycle. It gives us the opportunity to collaborate when creating bespoke items which are not only technically correct in terms of sizing but functional to medical requirements, developing and aiding the design to accommodate specific needs.

There are lots of characters in our team, it’s a really fun atmosphere.

In 2017 we achieved ISO: 13485 accreditation implementing a quality management system in the design production and servicing of medical devices.

We strive to deliver the highest levels of quality, service, and support to our customers. We are a dedicated team of individuals who are incredibly passionate about what we do. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we do our utmost to ensure that everything we do is to the highest standard.

Working to BS EN ISO:13485 quality management system, we strive for quality every time. Our high standard ensures a continued consistency in the excellence of our soft goods, giving our customers confidence in our products and service.

UK Manufacturing |