About us

Beagle Orthopaedic was formed with the aim of providing the best service and high-quality products

Beagle Orthopaedic was formed in 2008 by Len Lloyd and his business partners with the intention of providing the best orthopaedic products with unrivalled support to the NHS.

We are proud to be based in Lancashire, developing and manufacturing orthopaedic braces predominantly for the NHS.

We manufacture our own soft good products and also have a custom Fabrication department who produce custom orthosis for the more complex or longer term conditions and can customise products for individual clinical needs.

We are completely customer focused providing the right product, delivered when the customer needs it most.

We work a just-in-time operation, which allows us to focus on continuous improvement, quality and efficiency. Our 24hour delivery commitment to all our customers to the point of order has helped this area of our business continually grow.

Whether the customer orders 5 or 500 we will manufacture to suit their needs. We truly believe we are a unique company who can deal with the individual needs of each hospital on an exclusive basis whilst still holding a competitive stance within the marketplace.


About us | Orthopaedic,high-quality products,NHS,orthopaedic braces

Our Values

Beagle is committed to producing and sourcing high quality products and will continually improve knowledge, relationships, service, support and training to all stakeholders to set high industry standards for competitors

Customer Focussed
About us | Orthopaedic,high-quality products,NHS,orthopaedic braces
About us | Orthopaedic,high-quality products,NHS,orthopaedic braces

Beagle orthopaedic was formed with the aim of providing the best service and high-quality products.

To complement these UK manufactured goods, we distribute a range of products from world-class companies. We only work with companies who share a similar set of beliefs in terms of quality products and customer-focused requirements.

We have always worked closely with our customers to help develop understanding and offer training on all our products. We are always looking at new ways to innovate and develop products that will help support our customers and their patients.

We have an excellent reputation within our industry and with the NHS for both quality products and high customer service levels, which we have built over the past 12 years and continue to do so. Investing in our growth, making sure we are at the top of the Orthopaedic industry in terms of INNOVATION, RESEARCH, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, and keeping the high standards in CUSTOMER SERVICE.

A large number of lives have been improved throughout the time that Beagle has been in operation and we want that number to continue to grow, we believe that we know what drives our customers which is quality products that increase patient outcomes and improve patient experiences

Beagle Orthopaedic was named after Len’s beagle puppy named Archie.

Len Lloyd, our Managing Director has over 40 years of experience within the Orthopaedic and Medical sector and after selling his previous company realised that he still had a passion for the industry and in 2008 Len approached a small team of people to set up Beagle Orthopaedic.

We have grown over the last 12 years and today we employ 76 people in a variety of roles with 50% directly employed in manufacturing within the local area.

Len wanted to build a company that could offer something different to the customer, and to do this meant selecting a team who had experience and an understanding of the ethos within the sector in order to build strong relationships with customers and enable them to share the values of the company.

About us | Orthopaedic,high-quality products,NHS,orthopaedic braces

Our company is predominantly set up to bring value to the market, and we shall do this by selling high quality products backed up with strong educational support.

We are one of only two companies in the UK to manufacture orthopaedic soft goods, and we predominantly use UK suppliers for raw materials, so we are assured of the quality throughout the whole manufacturing process.

We have a strategic objective to grow into new markets, as well as bringing innovation to the existing segments. Our intention is to grow both organically and through acquisitions, with particular emphasis on the latter.