BioSkin Boomerang Wrist Wrap

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The simple wrist compression wrap is constructed from a light and breathable material and lined with microfleece to comfortably provide compression and support for minor wrist injuries.
The wrist wrap prevents wrist pain through compression and mild support. The compression will increase proprioceptive feedback to the brain, improving coordination, and preventing unwanted movement of the wrist joint. Wrap around either wrist before repetitive movements or heavy lifting to provide mild support to the joint.

Indications for use of BioSkin Boomerang Wrist Wrap

»  Osteoarthritis of carpometacarpal joint
»  Over-use injury
»  Sprains and strains in the CMC area
»  Minor sprains and strains
»  RSI

Features and benefits of BioSkin Boomerang Wrist Wrap

»  Universal sizing
»  Fits either left or right wrist
»  Can be applied using only one hand
»  Comfortable compression for minor wrist injuries
»  Lined with microfleece
»  Soft microfleece fabric wicks moisture


Boomerang Sell Sheet

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Boomerang Sell Sheet

BioSkin Boomerang Wrist Wrap Sizes

Size Code
Universal 54200

BioSkin Boomerang Wrist Wrap Sizes

Size Circ around the heel and instep (mm) Left Code Right Code
1 270 - 310 PAAB/L1 PAAB/R1
2 310 - 340 PAAB/L2 PAAB/R2
3 340 - 400 PAAB/L3 PAAB/R3