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The Breg Pinnacle CTO and CTO4 were developed to provide control through the cervical and thoracic regions and help to reduce movement in all planes of motion – flexion/extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation. The CTO and CTO4 are both universal in size and provide multiple adjustment points to help ensure support and compliance at every step.

The CTO and CTO4 feature all the benefits of the Pinnacle range: premium breathable fabrics, easy-to-adjust features and flexible material zones whilst maintaining the integral task at hand of the additional stabilisation and limiting of motion of the thoracic spine. The Breg Pinnacle CTO / CTO4 is designed with the MP180 Cervical Collar with a multi-post back panel with pivoting occipital support plates that contour to the patient’s head to avoid discomfort on the ‘occipital shelf’. The plate positions can be adjusted to avoid occipital protuberance and nerve discomfort.

The Pinnacle family of cervical collars considers patient comfort in every detail, starting with structure. The Pinnacle collars are all designed with enhanced premium, super-soft and antimicrobial fabrics, laminated to highly breathable foam that reduces irritation and discomfort sometimes caused by more economical materials. The antimicrobial hemp blend liners used are 20% more absorbing and 5X more durable than cotton. The Ultra-breathable foam padding helps reduce perspiration, while the Collar system has an additional set of pads for continuity of care. The Pinnacle collars are designed to support a patient’s unique anatomy, through features like over-moulded elastomeric support panels, strategic structural design, and an ergonomic chin height adjustment knob. The Pinnacle is the peak of comfort for cervical spine recovery. The Pinnacle’s universal sizing ensures easy inventory management, with the patient-centric features helping improve compliance.

What is a CTO/CTO4 and why is it used?

A CTO is a cervical collar (neck brace) that has extension support to also protect the thoracic spine. It limits movement whilst providing you with support and can also provide some pain relief. A CTO is a two-piece semi-rigid neck brace with supporting straps. CTOs are required for multiple reasons; the most common being for fracture management in the neck or upper thoracic spine (broken bone) and the CTO is used for the management of the fracture. It can also be used for support post-surgery.

The CTO will encourage correct spinal alignment and aim to prevent the development of potential further problems. The CTO works by reducing the ability to move your neck and upper back. This reduces the movement of bone to promote and aid healing. The CTO will only limit movement in the neck and upper back; it will not eliminate it, so it is important it fits correctly.

The CTO will help your neck and upper back support the weight of your head while the bone, the soft tissues and muscles in your neck heal. Following cervical or thoracic spine (neck/upper back) surgery or sustaining a fracture the CTO will help keep your neck bones in line while you heal.

Indications for use:
✓  C1 – T2 injuries
✓  Post-Surgical Stabilisation
✓  Cervicothoracic Instabilities
✓  For Stable Fracture Management
Features and benefits:
✓  An easy-to-adjust chin height dial offering multiple fitting options
✓  Unique self-centring sternal adjustment to accommodate different patient anatomy
✓  Antimicrobial hemp blend liners 20% more absorbing and 5X more durable than cotton reduce skin issues
✓  Ultra-breathable foam padding to reduce perspiration
✓  An ergonomic height dial giving multiple fitting zones
✓  Easy to adjust anterior and posterior thoracic plate
✓  The collar system comes with an additional set of pads as standard for continuity of care


Breg Pinnacle CTO Cervical Brace Sell Sheet


Bea Comfort TLSO Sell Sheet
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Breg Pinnacle® CTO Cervical Brace Sizes

Pinnacle® CTO Collars Size Code
Pinnacle CTO Universal SP40200-000
Pinnacle CTO4 Universal SP40204-000
Pinnacle CTO Replacement Pads Universal SP40205-000
Pinnacle CTO4 Replacement Pads Universal SP40206-000