Custom Bracing & Support Fabrication

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With over 100 years experience and a dedicated site here in Lancashire, our custom fabrication department can design and manufacture exactly the brace you require.

Mobility means different things to different people and we utilise every resource to endeavour to make this a possibility. Working in partnership with our customers the end goal is to provide independence and quality of life for the patient.

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Beagle Custom Fabrication was formed to provide solutions to the more complex conditions.

In 2010 Beagle Orthopaedic expanded to offer a custom fabrication service. This allows us to offer solutions for more complex conditions and a more holistic service for our customers.

The workshop is managed by Director, Andy Dewsbury and Production Manager Liam Penny, who have more than 50 years’ orthotic fabrication experience between them.

We have worked hard over the past 12 years to gain a reputation for unsurpassed Customer Service. Whilst we are already totally committed to providing quality stock and bespoke products, we realised that a dedicated Custom Fabrication service would enable us to provide orthoses for the more complex conditions allowing us the opportunity to become a one-stop supplier for those customers who require it.

Utilising our years of experience, we are highly skilled in working alongside your team with the goal of finding clinical solutions for your complex patients. To help maintain optimum use of technology, multi providers are used to ensure we can offer the highest level of innovation.

People are invaluable in manufacturing custom devices, employing the unique skills that this requires is of imperative importance. We are very proud of our teams skills, expertise and values, creating the precise product for individual patient needs.

Some of the manufacturing techniques have remained unchanged over the years, which means working by hand is still very much at the heart of the manufacturing techniques we use. By contrast new technologies and innovations are arising and our Rodin 4D scanner service can eliminate the need for casts altogether. The shape manipulation software allows for precise alterations to be made to the final orthosis providing a truly custom fit.

Whilst still offering the usual range of custom-made orthoses; AFO’s and insoles for example, we also focus on more forward-thinking innovative solutions. Particularly in spinal and hip bracing, integrating stock products into custom devices such as CTLSO’s.

Expanding our business into custom orthotics we believe offers a strategic approach that is different to any of our competition. Our aim is to support the ideas and combined skills of existing clinical teams to produce a protocol delivering efficiencies to reduce cost and improve existing services.

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Custom Bracing & Support Fabrication Beagle Custom Fabrication Headup brace

Head Up™ Brace

See the world in a new dimension

The unique design enables the wearer to freely move the head and waist from side to side, whilst fully supporting the head and upper cervical / thoracic region.

Custom Bracing & Support Fabrication Beagle custom fabrication Costmetic KAFO

Cosmetic KAFO

Attention to detail and consistency is key to achieve optimum patient outcomes

These complex devices are fabricated by Technicians with years of experience in manufacturing Ring, Bucket and Corset Tops of conventional Metal & Leather designs, through to Hybrid and Full Cosmetic Designs.

Custom Bracing & Support Fabrication Beagle Custom Fabrication AFO


Sky's the limit with our AFO’s

Our team of technicians have the skills to offer you any style of AFO’s on request.
Available in custom fabricated, solid, semi-rigid, articulated, night splint, patella tendon bearing to name a few.
We also offer a wide range of ankle hinges, pads, straps and transfer patterns which both children and adults love.

Custom Bracing & Support Fabrication Beagle custom fabrication Conventional KAFOv2

Conventional KAFO

We will visit you!

Obtaining the correct patient information is vital so we offer a ‘Service Visit’ at the initial consultation to ensure all technical information is agreed and noted. We can also our scanner to scan Patients KAFOs, depending upon Pathology/Presentation.

Timing makes a difference

For those more urgent requirements we offer an express service of a 3-day turnaround from receipt of order.

For CTLSO orders, any order received by 3.30pm will be sent out same day, allowing you to treat your patient as quickly as possible.

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Anything’s possible!