Medsurg Healing Shoe (Darco)

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The Darco MedSurg Healing Shoe has a semi-rigid sole that is built around a MetaShank forefoot support that provides control under the metatarsal heads and protection after osteotomies.

The rocker sole reduces plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel by over 25% and the square toe design acts as a bumper to provide additional protection when K-wires are present.

A strapless fastening system can be removed and rotated to provide a left or right overlap and the new ankle strap eliminates heel slippage.

The zoned outsole provides traction under the midfoot.

A removeable insole is included but for a more customised fit the peg assist insole is available.

Indications for use of MedSurg Healing Shoe

»  Used postoperatively for stability and off-loading, e.g. after foot osteotomy procedures

Features and benefits of MedSurg Healing Shoe

»  Breathable mesh upper
»  Removeable insole
»  Can be worn on the left or right foot


Darco Medsurg Healing Shoe Sell Sheet

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Darco Medsurg Healing Shoe Sell Sheet

Medsurg Healing Shoe (Darco) Sizes

Size Female shoe size Code
Small < 4 MQW1B
Medium 4.5 - 5.5 MQW2B
Large 6 - 7.5 MQW3B
Size Male shoe size Code
Small < 8 MQM1B
Medium 8.5 - 10 MQM2B
Large 10.5 - 12 MQM3B
X-Large 12.5 - 14 MQM4B

Medsurg Healing Shoe (Darco) Sizes

Size Circ around the heel and instep (mm) Left Code Right Code
1 270 - 310 PAAB/L1 PAAB/R1
2 310 - 340 PAAB/L2 PAAB/R2
3 340 - 400 PAAB/L3 PAAB/R3