Paediatric UFO (Orthomerica)

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The paediatric UFO™ from Orthomerica is a prefabricated night splint for the effective treatment of Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

The UFO™ comfortably supports the affected foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion, applying a Low Load Prolonged Stretch (LLPS) to the soft tissues of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. LLPS promotes gentle stretching, healing and re-modelling of these tissues, effectively reducing the stress and pain caused by inflammation and tissue shortening. Such support can help break the cycle of injury, pain and re-injury due to otherwise unlimited contraction and deformity of the soft tissues at night.

Adjustable bilateral dorsiflexion assist straps with a CoolFoam™ replaceable liner that wicks moisture away from the skin for enhanced hygiene.

Available in standard and made-to-measure size options in White, Butterfly and Tornado pattern, contact our Customer Service Department with the size required.

Indications for use:

»  Plantar Fasciitis
»  Achilles Tendonitis
»  Sever’s disease
»  Idiopathic toe walking
»  Cerebral palsy and other Neuromuscular diseases

Features and benefits:

»  The variable dorsiflexion design allows the patient to quickly and easily adjust the amount of applied stretch to provide the most effective pain relief
»  Clinical papers are available upon request
»  Universal: the brace can be worn on either the left or right side


Orthomerica Paediatric UFO Sell Sheet


Orthomerica Paediatric UFO Sell Sheet
Custom Fabrication transfer pattern swatch


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Paediatric UFO (Orthomerica) Sizes

Size Footplate Length (mm) Brace Height (mm) Colour/Pattern Code
Small 140 165 White B/3614
Medium 170 250 White B/3615
Large 190 265 White B/3616
Small 140 165 Butterfly B/3614.02
Medium 170 250 Butterfly B/3615.02
Large 190 265 Butterfly B/3616.02
Small 140 165 Tornado B/3614.03
Medium 170 250 Tornado B/3615.03
Large 190 265 Tornado B/3616.03
Custom - - White B/310/PE
Custom - - Pattern B/311/PE.T

Paediatric UFO (Orthomerica) Sizes

Size Male shoe size Female shoe size Footplate Length (mm) Brace Height (mm) Code
X-Small < 4.5 < 3.5 215 305 B/3619
Small 5 - 6.5 4 - 6.5 240 330 B/3620
Medium 7 - 8.5 7 - 9.5 265 355 B/3621
Large 9 - 10.5 10 - 12 280 380 B/3622
Size Replacement Liner Code
Small B/3620.01
Medium B/3621.01
Large B/3622.01