Arm Gaiter (Made to Measure)

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Manufactured in the UK, the Arm Gaiter is made to measure for a perfect fit. Designed to stabilise the arm, and to either restrict or assist movement dependant on the indications for use.
Available in a variety of patterns, see swatch sheet.

Indications for use of Arm Gaiter

»  Post-surgery
»  Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
»  Post-fracture
»  Dislocation
»  Sprains, strains or weakened joints
»  Support during the night

Feature & Benefits

»  To control, stabilise, limit or immobilise an extremity joint.
»  To provide ease of movement resulting in reduced pain.
»  To restrict movement in a given direction.
»  To aid rehabilitation following a fracture or break and removal of the cast.
»  Extension gaiters for keeping the arm or leg in extension for prolonged stretch / immobilisation.
»  Flexion gaiters are recommended if flexion is required due to contractures for example.
»  Extensive pattern choice that is regularly updated.
»  Standard Arm extension gaiters keep the arm or leg in extension for prolonged stretch / immobilisation.

Measurements required

»  Proximal circumference
»  Elbow circumference
»  Distal circumference
»  Length

Please complete the Arm Gaiter form and email it to [email protected]
If you need further assistance, please call customer service.

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Arm Gaiter Form
Pattern Swatch Sheet