Bea Wrap Hyperextension Straps

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Manufactured in the UK, the Bea Wrap Hyperextension brace is designed with a front opening and contrasting proximal and distal straps to counteract the rotation of the knee. It has removable 10-degree hyperextension stop hinges, with posterior cross over tension straps to prevent hyperextension of the knee. The open popliteal area provides added comfort during flexion and the easy-grip tabs aid patients with poor dexterity. Universal: fits left or right

Indications for use of Bea Wrap Hyperextension

»  Increasing medial/lateral support
»  Rheumatoid arthritis
»  Mild to moderate hyperextension
»  Mild to moderate valgus/varus deformity

Features and benefits of Bea Wrap Hyperextension

»  Front opening
»  Universal: left or right
»  Contrasting proximal and distal strap to counter rotation
»  Removable 10⁰ hyperextension stop
»  Posterior cross over tension straps to prevent hyperextension of the knee
»  Open popliteal area for added comfort during flexion
»  Easy grip tabs for patients with poor dexterity

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