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Manufactured in the UK. The Comfort Belt Extra provides a combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort, ideal for the treatment of Sciatica, Herniated disc, Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, Degenerative disc disease, Lumbago and for general posture support. The two removable metal stays give superior support to improve your posture and aid in the treatment of back problems, in addition the contoured shaping with a front depth of 21cm and a back depth of 30.5cm ensure a good fit without rolling up that can occur with some lumbar supports. The elasticated fabric keeps the muscles warm preventing muscle spasms and encouraging blood flow to aid in healing. It has a detachable lumbar cushion and an adjustable multi- position fulcrum strap so that you can achieve a comfortable fit.

Indications for use of Comfort Belt Extra

»  Sciatica
»  Herniated Disc
»  Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction
»  Degenerative disc disease
»  Lumbago
»  General posture support

Features and benefits of Comfort Belt Extra

»  Front depth – 210mm, Back depth – 305mm
»  Provides a combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort
»  Metal stays provide support to improve posture aiding in treatment of back problems
»  Keeps muscles warm to prevent muscle spasms and other associated lower back problems
»  Additional large Lumbar pad for extra support
»  Can be hand washed and air dried

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