Orlando HKAFO

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Orlando HKAFOs are modular, lightweight, and measured for a perfect fit. Orthotists choose from a wide selection of femoral and tibial components, hip joints, knee joints, and shoe inserts to meet individual patient needs.
Anatomically designed pelvic components offer a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate even the most difficult anatomies. Unique, patented joints control flexion/extension and abduction/adduction. These joints control the range of motion of the affected limb and provide adjustability throughout the rehabilitation process. Thigh and tibial components promote further stability through circumferential compression of soft tissue. Standard or special order knee joints control sagittal plane motion. The shoe insert provides the final link in the mechanical chain of support by allowing a limited or full range of ankle motion as indicated.

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Indications for use

»  Post-op hip revision patients
»  Post-op lower extremity fractures
»  Patients needing stability following the removal of external fixation devices
»  Non-operative fractures
»  Fracture management following internal fixation
»  Orthotic rotational control for patients with chronic hip dislocation

Feature & Benefits of Orlando HKAFO

»  HKAFO limits hip rotation and provides adjustable abduction/adduction and flexion/extension control
»  Choice of several tibial components, hip joints, knee joints, and shoe components
»  Lined or unlined femoral/tibial components
»  Custom-to-measurements phoned, faxed or e-mailed for same-day shipment
»  Prefabricated components can be assembled on-site

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